From Nest Egg to Income
Written on May 14, 2017

From Nest Egg to Income

A number of you have shared with us the challenges of transitioning from accumulators of wealth to spenders of your nest eggs. We’ve heard comments like, “How does this work?” “Where will the money come from?” “How do you decide what accounts from which to withdraw?” “I’ve been putting money away for so many years, it’s frightening to think of taking it out!”

For most, gone are the days of pension plans that provided a check a month. The responsibility of accumulating assets (think 401(k)) has been yours and the potentially tricky part of managing retirement income is yours too.

Fortunately, we’ve learned a lot about sustainable withdrawal strategies, taxation of retirement income sources, social security claiming strategies, and unexpected events to guide you through the process of managing income. It’s particularly rewarding to see so many of you enjoy what you have worked so hard to accomplish.

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