Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees and Other Facts About Currency
Written on May 07, 2012

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees and Other Facts About Currency

4.8 years..

The average lifespan of a dollar bill. In contrast, a $100 bill lasts an average of 17.9 years due to being handled less. (1)


The percentage of the notes printed each year that are used to replace notes already in, or taken out of circulation. (2)

8.5 tons.. 

The amount of ink used per day in 2011 (2)

1 to 4..

The ratio of linen to cotton used to produce paper currency.

$165.3 billon..

Dollar value of notes printed in 2011. (2)


Nearly half of all notes printed are $1 bills. (2)

2.4 cents..

The cost to produce one penny. (3) It costs 5.2 cents to print a dollar bill and 9.2 cents to print each $20 and $50 bill. (1)

$1.1 trillion..

The amount of money currently in circulation. (1) That equates to around $3,530 for each person in America. (4)

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