Protect Your Private Information
Written on July 09, 2014

Protect Your Private Information

In this age of technology, criminals have capitalized on the broad power and wide availability of the Internet and electronic mail (e-mail) to defraud unsuspecting people. It is critical that each of us maintain constant vigilance over the way we use the Internet and all forms of electronic communication.

We have recently learned that cybercriminals have used the names of Pershing, Albridge™ and NetExchange Client® and NetXInvestor™ in fraudulent telephone scams. Fraudsters will use the following types of unsolicited communications to obtain or compromise information:

  • E-mail
  • Unsolicited telephone calls
  • Short message service (SMS) text
  • Social media
  • Postal mail

Please be aware that neither Pershing nor its affiliates will:

  • Make an unsolicited telephone call requesting sensitive information from you
  • Send e-mails asking for credentials including username, password, security questions and personal identification numbers (PINs)
  • Contact you in an unsolicited fashion and request access to your computer systems
  • Use social media to request or share sensitive information

If you experience a suspicious or fraudulent social engineering incident, please report it to us (OFM) at 708-403-2800 or

Please be wary of all unsolicited telephone calls or e-mails, and not confirm or provide any personal information. The following links can be helpful for additional fraud information.

Federal Trade Commission:

Federal Bureau of Investigation:

The United States Department of Justice:

US Postal Inspection Service:

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