Tuning Out the Noise
Written on October 01, 2016

Tuning Out the Noise

In today’s digital age, it feels like we are constantly being bombarded by new information via our phones, tablets, and computers.   The advent and growth of social media has enabled us to become more connected.  At the same time, it has reduced our attention spans and drawn our focus to the short term—the next tweet, the next post, the next comment, etc.   It feels like it has become harder to know what is important, biased, or valid (think fake news). Let’s not mistake information for knowledge.

At any given moment in time, there will always be “something” that could happen in the world that might impact the financial markets for the better or worse.  Sometimes when “everyone” thinks that an event will be good (or bad) for the markets—it has the exact opposite effect!  It goes to show you that even with all this information at our finger tips, you just don’t know. Life and the markets are unpredictable.

Our advice to you:  take a deep breath, unplug for a while, and focus on what you can control.  For example, it is in your power to set your financial priorities and goals, decide how much risk to take in your portfolio, and to save and spend your money wisely.  We are here to help you tune out the noise and remain focused on you.

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